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           Palawan beaches are best in Asia


in its marine rich coral reefs with unbelievable underwater visibility.
The quality of the sea water in this part of the Philippine archipelago is believed to be most ideal for cultured south sea pearls. Pearl farms are in the vicinity but their location are strictly classified.
Experience a safari in the middle of a tropical setting. Witness giraffes, zebras and gazelles running freely in the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary. Trapped in time? These animals were brought to this island courtesy of the Marcos family in the early ‘80’s.
After a long day of sea and sand frolic, you can treat yourself to a hot spa courtesy of mother nature, the Makinit Hot springs. Free-flowing hot mineral rich salt water trapped in a man-made pool will surely soothe your weary bones.
A dip in this pool will relax tense and soothe aching muscles. Rejuvenated , one is ready for another day of adventure in Coron. There are many secrets awaiting to be disclosed.

Palawan, Philippines An elongated island-province southwest of Mindoro, it is a 55 minute flight from Manila. It is rich in natural resources and boasts of exotic wildlife, white sand beaches, world class snorkeling and scuba diving. Also known as "the last frontier", it is a haven for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Calauit Island in Northern Palawan is a national park and teeming with Palawan's rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The Tabon Caves in Southern Palawan is a 29-cave complex of archaeological artifacts and fossilized bones of the Tabon man. The skull is carbon dated to be 22,000 years old. Dive spots in Palawan are plentiful, with each site offering a unique array of marine life. The Tubbataha Reefs are the best dive spots in the area.

Palawan has a land area of l,489,655 hectares. It reclines between Mindoro and North Borneo Islands. Palawan is appoximately 586 kilorneters southwest of Manila. The island province extends toward the southwest forming a partial land bridge between Mindoro and North Borneo. The western side of the island faces South China Sea. Palawan's important islands are Busuanga, Culion, Linapacan, Cuyo, Dumaran, Cagayanes and Balabac.

The mountain ranges average 3,500 feet in attitude with the highest peak rising to 6,800 feet at Mount Matalingahan. On both sides are virgin islands with rivers and streams serviceable for irrigation. The vast mountains are the source of valuable timber. Palawan's main island measures 425 kilometers long and averages 40 kilometers wide. Palawan has 1,959 kilometers of coastline which is mostly irregular and thus make excellent harbours. Puerto Princesa, the capital city, is the chief seaport and the center of trade and commerce.

 Palawan island are consist of many islands. From the Mideast Palawan,this area is studded with coral patches up to 18 meters across. Depths is down to 24 meters. There are plenty of small reef fish, parrot fish, snappers, garoupas and sometimes crayfish. In this Mideast of Palawan has an island called Pandan Island , area is a cluster of submerged reefs about 6 kilometres west. And another island called Panglima Reef lies about 6 meters below the surface and it can be difficult to find so it needs the help of local boatman. There are schools of surgeon fish, fusiliers and small barracuda. Gray reef sharks sometimes visit this area. 

The Tabon Caves in Southern Palawan are acknowledged as the "Cradle of Civilization" of the Filipino people. Nestled in the mountainous cape of Lipuon Point, the 29-cave complex is a treasure trove of archaeological artifacts and the fossilized bones of the Tabon man. A skull of the Tabon Man was carbon-dated to be 22,000 years old.

Dive spots in Palawan are plentiful, with each site offering a unique array of marine life. The Tubbataha Reefs are among the world's best dive spots.


How to Get There?

By Air

Puerto Princesa International Airport(IATAPPS) is the main gateway to Palawan, major airlines serve international and domestic flights; Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific and Zest Airways have flights to and from Manila and Cebu, PAL Express (Air Philippines) have flights to and fromBusuanga, while SEAIR connects the whole of Palawan internationally with Kota Kinabalu.

El Nido Airport(IATAENI), charter flights are provided Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI) while Seasonal flights are offered by SEAIR.